Original Programs from Out West

A taste of everything Marfa.


Marfa Minutes

The video travel magazine of Marfa. Meet the artists, writers, celebrities and cowboys that make this Far West Texas town unique.


Hope Lafferty’s Existential Crisis

Hope Lafferty's Existential Crisis is a podcast for creativity and other phenomena. Your host examines the human condition through recorded microfiction, radio theatre, storytelling, and interviews with playwrights, actors, thought leaders, filmmakers, musicians, and creative professionals of all stripes. Designed for writers, artists, thinkers, and all living beings that are curious about their existence.


Happy Hour With Andy

Marfa, Texas musician Andy Schneider hosts a weekly, live broadcast featuring emerging musicians from around the U.S.

Dresden Collective

The Dresden Collective is performing new works by Marfa playwright, Hope Lafferty.